Signal Problems and more

Signal Problems

Signal problems and Useful information


Signal problems  our most common problem Here you will find 

helpful hints we think might help you.

if you don’t find it why not E-Mail us with your fault and let us help solve it.


Satellite and Cable Television

Number 1

Frozen Picture, like signal problems From time to time this can happen but if it is persistent why not have your equipment tested call us for this service

Number 2

Lost Sound No Audio, Unplug or switch off equipment then Check the connections at the back call us for more help

Number 3

No Signal, Switch off at mains and wait for 3 minutes switch back on if no change call us for assistance

No Power

TV will not come on with the remote or TV buttons we can repair most faults call us before you throw it away

Remote Control

The Dog ate the remote we can help with replacement controls call us

Audio Equipment

Low volume

Poor speakers on Television, There are new solutions for this call us to discuss your needs

Surround Sound

Multiple Speakers or Sound Bar

Multiple speakers

Have you tried sound function on remote control or sound field there can be a lot of settings for sound field and will adjust the reproduction of audio through you speakers call us for more assistance

Sound Bar

Has your sound-bar been installed correctly sound-bars require calibrating to it’s environment to give the appearance of additional speakers call us for further information

Multi Room Audio

There are many ways to achive this we require detailed information to assess your problem call us to find out more

Home/Office Networks

No Connection

Wired or Wireless


Check your connections and indicating lights on your router and follow your setup guide lines if you have further signal problems problems call us for assistance


signal problems Signals can be weak or slow and have problems with access passwords we can help set up your router to be more friendly and secure


Slow Internet is a problem for most of us which is why it is important to make sure your equipment is installed correctly or this could create signal problems call us we can help


New Digital Movie and Music Servers and players help you keep all files in one place and access anywhere call us for more information

CCTV/Security Systems

No Picture

Check your connections and check you have power for further assistance contact us

Poor Picture

Poor pictures are usually because of low power or poor cables and or connections why not have your equipment tested contact us now

Lost Application Connection

Application for viewing your CCTV having trouble connecting contact us for further assistance

High quality

Need more space High quality cameras and images require large amounts of space on your recording device contact us for upgrades


servicing and repairs call us to discuss your problem with your alarm